The Total Cost of Ownership of Technology can be high.  Keeping track of Updates, Upgrades, Patches and Fixes, maintaining the hardware, dealing with vendors, among others can be a real hassle.  Having to hire personnel just for the tasks listed become grim under the current economy.
BTT Infrastructure Insourcing is simple, affordable, cost-effective and an efficient alternative.  We provide for all your technological needs and everything that comes with it.

BTT can provide the complete infrastructure needed to support our customer’s operation, switches, routers, firewalls, servers, etc. and the dreaded TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is transferred to BTT.   This turns away our customer’s worries about technology because since BTT owns the equipment it has to be maintained and operated by BTT, so our customers can concentrate on the core of their business.

insourcing(1)Outsourcing Jobs and Infrastructure might have been a good catch in the beginning and many north american companies fell for it.  Who can resist the charm of cheap? specially during a recession.

“The bitter taste of poor quality remains much longer than the sweet taste of a low price.”

After years of trouble and challenges the market has realized Outsourcing is the wrong thing to do and now are confronted one more time with rearranging resources and personnel.  We can help!