Taking care of the environment…

Taking care of the environment makes sense. Not only from a conservationist point of view but also from plain and simple business productivity.

Our Data Centres reflect the industry’s best practices DCiE (Data Centre Infrastructure Efficiency) metrics adherence.  Our engineers pay close attention to elements such as Virtualization, well designed air-flow, constant and detailed maintenance, air quality, humidity and condensation sensors, energy efficient hardware, proper cabling and constant monitoring, just to mention a few, allow for BTT’s excellence in operations and energy efficiency.

Back view male manager with briefcase walking on the road to success in the morning
The following are only some of our many green office practices:
  • Turn off lights in unused spaces, manually or aided by motion sensors. BTT as an Eco-friendly company encourages employees to turn off lights in bathrooms, supply closets, conference rooms and offices when they are not being used; and to shut off power to equipment at the end of the work day (this can be also enforced by network and infrastructure automation).
  • Replace fluorescent lights with energy efficient lighting.
  • Buy new and replace older computers and other office equipment with energy efficient devices.
  • Use both sides of paper when printing.
  • Provide recycle bins throughout the workplace to recycle paper. Recycle paper and cardboard instead of throwing away. Each “BTTerian” has his/her own recycle bin.
  • Replace plastic with natural material, metal, glass, wood, and similar.
  • Reuse packing material when possible and opt for packing materials such as eco-friendly bubble wrap or biodegradable packing.
What are BTT office’s main focus areas?
  • Save Paper
  • Reduce Energy consumption
  • Reduce Water consumption
  • Buy eco-friendly office supplies and equipment
  • Reduce Waste
  • Reduce our Carbon Footprint
  • Consume responsibly
  • Reuse and recycle office supplies wherever applicable