External Network Monitoring service by BTT ensures maximum uptime and availability of your network infrastructure, routers, switches, firewalls, wireless access points, etc.  BTT makes network monitoring configuration an easy task both for beginners and experienced network administrators as well.

Remote network monitoring is designed as an early warning system for your environment.  If a preset condition is triggered, an email, alarm or call is sent to our CSC (Customer Support Center) and an engineer will begin to resolve the issue immediately.  BTT does provide immediate report on emergencies and monthly reports of all alerts that have been triggered.

  • 24x7x365 monitoring and remediation of servers and network devices
  • Alert response immediate
  • Monthly system health reports
  • Trend graph reports generated monthly
  • Upstream ISP network equipment monitored in order to resolve Internet connection issues more effectively.
  • Monthly Executive Reports
  • On-demand reporting
Comprehensive coverage across industry standard technologies

BTT’s network management provides the monitoring flexibility and comprehensive coverage you need.  It extends full support for industry standard SNMP v1-3  and WMI based infrastructure monitoring covering most network devices and systems infrastructure (e.g. Unix, Linux hosts) and all Windows based systems – both physical and virtual.   A diverse set of IP Services monitors tracks the most commonly used protocols supporting business applications including HTTP/S, FTP, SMTP/POP and others.   Synthetic transaction monitoring ensures the health and integrity of generic web applications as well as SQL databases (MS SQL Server and My SQL).

Multiple types of monitors provide the FLEXIBILITY to tune monitoring to required Service Levels

With BTT Network Monitoing, you have access to multiple kinds of customizable, high-performance monitors, enabling you to select exactly the type of visibility and control you need for the level of service desired.

  • Active Monitors  – that track and alert you in real time when devices and services are down
  • Passive Monitors – that listen for external signals (SNMP traps, log messages etc.) to identify and alert on infrastructure issues as they happen
  • Performance Monitors – that track the health of network and application infrastructure over time and are key to proactive troubleshooting and planning
  • Custom Monitors – that can be set up to track individual performance metrics as required
  • Thresholds Monitors – that alert you when minimum or maximum thresholds are breached
  • Active script performance monitors  – supporting jscript and VB Script