Working with BTT is Challenging and Exciting – our employees say !

BTT offers technology, infrastructure and exposure to  global standards.  At BTT, our clients give all the employees a chance to be a part of an international culture of excellence. The workforce is the center of BTT’s growth strategy.

Worldclass exposure, development opportunities and excellent compensation packages are the keys to the success of BTT employees. Every “BTTerian” feels BTT as a workplace where every person can reach his or her full potential.

Employer of Choice

BTT is an employer of choice for professionals who see technology as a reason for the overall development and economic growth of a person, society and country.   Among the many employers in the same space, BTT never faces competition. The fact that the attrition rate is so low in BTT justifies the fact that every “BTTerian” is happy being part of BTT .  The core of our success and the backbone of the company’s development is a pool of Engineers of various skills and expertise from all around the world.


Back view male manager with briefcase walking on the road to success in the morning