Work more efficiently. Do more with less. Take productivity to the next level.

Cisco helps you collaborate by bringing together your phone, email, text, conferencing, and video, making you more productive. A Cisco Small Business Communications solution offers:

  • A better way to communicate. Access information and communicate from anywhere, using any device, on any network.
  • An easy way to bring people together. Need to call an urgent meeting? Quickly find out who’s available and the best way to reach them—before you even pick up the phone.
  • Phones and applications that work together. Link your customer relationship management (CRM) system or other applications—healthcare, insurance, auto repair—to your communications system to help your team respond quicker to customer requests.
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With BTT Business Solutions, you can quickly bring people together to solve problems and meet customers’ needs. Get everyone on the same page—and keep them there. When workers stay connected, they stay productive.

  • Start with a connected network that combines voice, video, and data so everyone can communicate their way and be more productive.
  • Link applications to phones, such as your customer relationship management system or others that are specific to your business, such as Allscripts, AMS 360, and Mitchell 1, to gain efficiencies and serve customers better.
  • Add video cameras, allowing you to turn regular phone calls and online meetings into video calls for a richer, more personal collaboration session.
  • Add presence features that enable workers to know whether colleagues are available, how they prefer to be reached, and simply click on a phone number to dial, so that it’s even simpler to reach people.